[dropcap3]P[/dropcap3]haleron Inc. is pleased to reveal our new-look website! The exciting new design was inspired by our desire to develop an online space where prospective clients could learn more about our company and get an in-depth look into our unique, personalized approach. With that in mind, our team created a brand new parallax-style website that will give users more functionality, more details about our company and a more user-friendly experience that will enable them to find the information that they need when they need it.

[subtitle3] Home Page [/subtitle3]

No page has been changed more drastically than our new parallax-style home page, which serves as the first touch point for our prospective clients. Here, users can get a visual taste of the Phaleron Inc. brand with links to to our services and contact pages. We’ve also incorporated our list of clients and testimonials on the front page so that you can see who we have worked with and how they benefitted from their relationship with our company.

[subtitle3] Company Profile [/subtitle3]

As part of the new design, we have also added more site functions that will give you direct access to key information related to our company. Now, prospective clients can download our company profile and learn more about the Phaleron Inc. brand and the capabilities that we can provide to enhance the market potential and profitability of our clients.

[subtitle3] Portfolio [/subtitle3]

The portfolio section of our website has been completely revamped from the ground up to provide a fresher, cleaner account of the services that we have provided to our amazing clients. Under each client panel, you will be able to see details about their respective project, what services we provided for them and links to related stories.


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