Since our inception in 2010, Phaleron Inc. has been providing its clients with comprehensive marketing services, designed to advertise their products in a way that accurately represents their brand identity and corporate vision.

As part of these services, our team has been designing and developing a number of professional brochures and informational packages which deliver on our promise to provide our clients with quality service that will help facilitate their professional development and further their commitment to providing customers with excellent products and services.

By utilising Phaleron Inc.’s extensive experience in marketing and advertising, our clients have been able to effective engage with their customers and inform them of their company history, brand message and the benefits of their product portfolio. We believe that these services offer unique value to our clients by allowing them to market their brand effectively, leading to increased sales and business opportunities.

For more information on our marketing and advertising services, please consult our Portfolio page, where you will find a gallery of published brochures and samples.  If you are interested in using these services to market and advertise your own products, you can also contact us.