The past twelve months have been remarkably successful for our company as we’ve continued to provide our clients with key services that enable them to develop comprehensive marketing campaigns, expand into new territories and promote new products and services to consumers. This success has been driven by forging strong relationships and developing solutions that enhance our clients’ market presence and business potential. The following outlines some of our achievements during the 2017 calendar year:

Maritime Patrol & Special Missions Aircraft

Phaleron Inc. is pleased to have delivered white papers and marketing material relating to avionics and special missions equipment in support of various proposals. Phaleron Inc. has also been instrumental in ensuring that interested companies were able to get on the RFP bidders lists.

Canadian DND Arctic Surveillance

Phaleron Inc. played an integral role in assembling a team of Canadian companies and providing proposal management services as part of a comprehensive submission that met DND Arctic Surveillance requirements.

Canadian ADS-B Updates

Over the last few months, Phaleron Inc. has provided a Canadian MRO facility with a marketing plan that details the business potential, strategies and financial information for Canadian business aviation. This information will help facilitate future business development strategies.

Fighter Jet & Lead-In Trainer Updates

Phaleron Inc. is pleased to have been of assistance to a Tier 1 Avionics company in providing product knowledge and market intelligence for upgrades and new build requirements for the F-35 and T-X programs. Our inputs have been utilised in developing strategies for the completion of proposals.

International C-130 Upgrade

In collaboration with local companies, Phaleron Inc. has helped a renowned aircraft maintenance facility in its bid for upgrades and maintenance work for a C-130 operator.