Phaleron Inc. is pleased to be representing the Jetcraft Corporation in promoting its HUD Vision Access™ for the Challenger 604 and Challenger 605  aircraft to operators and MRO’s across Canada.

Jetcraft’s HUD Vision Access™ combines Elbit-Kollsman’s innovative AT-HUD and EVS-II to provide enhanced visibility in rain, snow, fog and smog. Under FAA Part 91 regulations, HUD Vision Access™ permits landing decisions as low as 100 feet (down from current CAT I minimum of 200 feet and equivalent to CAT II). HUD Vision Access™ facilitates all phases of flight, including surface movement guidance control (SMGCS), reducing operational costs. The integration of HUD Vision Access™ allows for additional operational credit at more than 15 airports in Canada, during straight-in approaches with ILS or WAAS-LPV.

For more information about Jetcraft and their HUD Vision Access™ system, be sure to visit the HUD Vision Access website (link provided below) for further details.