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Market Research & Analysis

Deeper Market Insights, With Even Better Market Success

We believe that the success of any business hinges on sound and insightful market research and analysis. Having an accurate, core understanding of your customers needs and interests will ensure that your company is able to deliver incredible value to ideal buyers who are most likely to respond to your product and service offerings.

Our market research and analysis services unite complex analyses of your business’ capabilities (versus industry competitors), audience characteristics and current market environment conditions to give you a complete market assessment that will greatly inform your future marketing and business decisions.

Market Research & Analysis Services


Competitive Analysis


SWOT Analysis


Consumer Research


Buyer Persona Mapping


Market Risk Analysis


Market Feasibility Study


Market Entry Requirements


Audience Identification


Financial Projections

How Your Business Benefits With Phaleron

Know Your Core Customers More Deeply

Market your product or service offerings to new and existing customers based on accurate analysis of your market environment, consumer behaviour, market positioning and value proposition

Gain Unique Insights Into Your Competition

Get a complete overview of your industry competitors’ products and services, pricing strategy, value proposition, market positioning and sales and marketing tactics

Leverage Your Strengths To Provide Greater Value

Our detailed analyses of your business and corresponding market environment help you identify and leverage your unique strengths and capabilities to out-perform your direct market competitors

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