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About Our Company

Founded in 2011, Phaleron is an Ottawa-based sales and marketing consultancy firm that supports small and medium-sized businesses, consultancies and non-profit organisations in the development of brand-specific solutions. We work with a variety of clients in aerospace and defence, construction, and transportation, merging strategy, creative production, data analytics and market intelligence into a coherent sales strategy or marketing plan that aligns with their particular objectives, target market and brand identity.

By employing Phaleron as an extension of their marketing teams, our clients receive specialized sales and marketing support that allows them to fulfil their organisational objectives and provide unique value to their customers. Our sales, business development, digital marketing and strategic planning services have helped our clients generate additional revenues, identify new market opportunities, secure vital contracts and increase online traffic and web conversions.

Our Pro-Client Process






This 45min session provides both parties with the opportunity to break the ice, learn about one another and determine if Phaleron Inc. is the right fit for your sales, marketing or business development needs.

Together, we will discuss your goals and capabilities, determine your market position and USP, and identify how our services and expertise can be used to help you fulfil your business objectives.

All consultation calls are booked through our website and we typically respond to each prospective client within 24-48hrs to allow us to review the scope of your project, available budget and proposed deadline.

Project Scope  |  Goal Identification  |  Service Information  |  Contract Details  |  Timeframe  |  Budget |  Action Planning


After learning about your brand’s objectives and the contours of your sales or marketing project, we conduct a thorough assessment, giving your company a clear overview of your market environment, including emerging market and consumer trends and prospective sales opportunities.

Our market analysis will serve as the foundation for your sales and market planning and inform our recommendations for strategic partnerships, content strategy, and sales and marketing activities.

Market Research & Analysis  |  Competitor Analysis  |  SWOT Analysis  |  Website Audit  |  Market Feasibility Assessment  |  Content Audit


With a comprehensive understanding of your market environment, target audience, USP and business objectives, we create a strategic marketing plan that is tailored to your company’s marketing goals, operational capacity, budget and brand identity.

Marketing Strategy  |  Sales Strategy  |   Content Strategy   |  Market Expansion Strategy


Once we have developed a strategy that is tailored to the needs and capabilities of your business, we work to incorporate what we know about your brand personality and identity, market environment, target audience and competitor activity to create a sustainable marketing, sales or business development plan that is best-suited to help you achieve your respective goals and objectives.

Marketing Plan  |  Business Development Plan  |  Content Plan  |  Marketing Collateral  |  Sales Plan

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