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Phaleron Inc. is an Ottawa-based sales and marketing consultancy firm dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses address their unique business-related problems.

With a proven track record of delivering high-quality marketing plans and strategic sales initiatives that are grounded in accurate market analysis, we are here to guide your sales, marketing and business development process.

What We Do

Our services are developed according to your budget, timeframe and operational capability, giving you the flexibility to generate further sales, improve your market position and connect with consumers.

Sales Consultation

Revamp your business’ sales approach with a thorough sales consultation that helps you identify the best prospects, sniff out lucrative sales opportunities and effectively promote the unique benefits of your offerings.

Business Development

We provide excellent business development support to help your company identify and capture new market opportunities, select strategic partners and overcome any barriers impeding your market entry.

Marketing Strategy

From market and competitor analyis to channel identification, our strategic marketing services provide you with a roadmap that sets realistic marketing goals and documents viable marketing tactics best suited to your company.

Market Research and Analysis

Want to understand the feasibility of entering a particular market? Need a better understanding of your target consumer? Our market research services provide a clear picture of individual market environments, potential competitors and target audience characteristics, giving your company a clear edge over industry competitors.


Website Consultation

Our website consultation services provide strategic recommendations to improve the functionality and usability of your website, helping you deliver an online experience that delights your customers and moves them to buy your products, services and content offerings.

Marketing Collateral

Having high quality marketing materials is a necessity if you want your brand to make a good first impression at industry events or meetings. We help your business make a memorable impact with eye-catching print materials that sell your brand and product offerings for you.

Content Marketing

Does the thought of consistently creating useful, relevant content that addresses the needs of your customers seem daunting? Our content marketing services will ensure that you are delivering for your audience, one timely, well-researched post at a time.

Get What You Want From Your Sales Or Marketing Solution

Defined Direction

Improve your sales and marketing processes with a defined, actionable blueprint that makes you feel fully confident in your ability to  market your products and services, and generate revenues.

Incredible Value

Our services deliver incredible value on a pre-determined budget, with a tailored solution that covers all the bases and provides strong returns for your investment.

Greater Customer Retention

Deliver tangible benefits to your customers or clients with a specialized sales, marketing and business development solution that turns one-time buyers into repeatable customers.

Who We Work With

We partner with small and medium-sized businesses, consultancies and non-profits who need specialized sales or marketing support.


We help fill in the gaps in your marketing operations, giving you more time to focus on other important business functions.

Small And Medium-Sized Businesses


Not-For-Profit Organizations

Industries We Work With

Aerospace & Defense



Professional Services


Some Of Our Clients

Why Phaleron?


Affordable Solutions

We deliver a maintainable and cost-effective solution on a pre-approved deadline, putting you on track to achieve your marketing or business objectives.


Specialized Support

Whether you need a digital marketing strategy, business development plan or market feasibility study, our focus is on providing your business with a specialized product that is uniquely aligned to your objectives, target audience and operational capacity.


Priority Treatment

Active client engagement plays a central role in our ability to deliver proven, brand-specific solutions that fit your unique business needs. When working with Phaleron, we actively seek your input and learn about your goals and ambitions – all in service of delivering a sales strategy, marketing plan or business development solution that you have the utmost confidence in.

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