01 Jun 2015

Thales Group

Project Detail

Thales Group (Thales) is a global leader in providing aircraft cockpit electronics. Thales Group supplies and supports several major aircraft manufacturers and airlines with avionic suites and systems for flight control, navigation, communication and surveillance.

Marketing Plan

Within the scope of providing Thales with a Marketing Plan for their ground and airborne mission planning systems we provided a comprehensive document that includes details of a market overview, the relevant technology being used in this market, the market potential, mission planning requirements within the defence helicopter sector, the competition and competitive analysis with recommendations for the marketing strategy with order projections based upon detailed market intelligence.

Pursuit Plan

In addition to a Marketing Plan we were further tasked in providing a Pursuit Plan that provided further information on relevant contacts and pursuit strategy for a number of companies who may have requirements for mission planning products.

Photos provided by Thales Group